Learn How to Sell Home Health to Physicians at Tampa Workshop in February

Nothing happens until someone sells something. That’s just as true in home health care as any other business. Research shows that your two best referral sources for Medicare Home Health are physicians, and hospital discharge planners. With Patient Choice rules, it’s harder to get referrals from hospitals. So now you need to focus on selling your services to physicians.

Join Dr. Tray Dunaway and Stephen Tweed  for Selling Home Health Care to Physicians, a highlight interactive workshop that will demonstrate effective skills for getting past the gatekeeper, having a meaningful dialog with the doctor, presenting your programs and services, and asking for the referral. You’ll learn proven best practices for generating more referrals that turn into admissions from physicians and their staff members. This workshop takes place on Friday, February 25th in Tampa.

As a result of this program, participants will be able to…

  • Describe the Seven Step Relationship Selling Process.
  • Identify the most likely prospects for home health referrals.
  • Explore five ways of getting past the gatekeeper.
  • Examine four secrets to developing rapport and build stronger relationships with doctors and their staff.
  • Develop special skills for communicating with physicians.
  • Effectively present your programs, and services to create competitive advantage.
  • Master the five levels of persuasion.
  • Generate a significant return on your sales training investment by bringing in new Medicare referrals that turn into admissions and more than pay for your investment in this program.

For more information, including how to register and receive HCAF’s special discounted rate, click here!




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