AHCA Provides Clarification on Level 2 Background Screening

In response to HCAF’s  request for updates on the roll-out  and implementation of the new Level 2 Background Screening requirements, we received this update from AHCA. HCAF has been communicating the questions raised by our members to senior AHCA staff over the last weeks to let them know of the challenges facing home care providers and their prospective employees. We also asked that AHCA create a summary document that addresses the frequently asked questions we have posed to them.  You can find the summary document on the HCAF website under “Quick Links”, “Background Screening Updates” and also on the AHCA website under “Background Screening”. You might want to print out this helpful document for easy access in the future.

AHCA’s message begins here:

Live Scan Vendor update:

As of Friday, August 13, 38 additional live scan sites have been added to the Vendor list or the Cogent active locations web page last week.  There are now over 100 Live Scan locations posted and many providers who are choosing to set up their own LiveScan machines (in house).  Many of the DMV sites are now active on the Cogent website and more are expected to come online next week (please check the AHCA website for updates).

Social Security Numbers missing from screenings (this notice was sent to all users of the password protected AHCA BGS Results Website):

AHCA has received a large number of screening results from LiveScan vendors submitted since August 2, 2010, that do not contain a Social Security Number for the person who was screened.  Without the Social Security Number we cannot post the screening results in the AHCA Background Screening Results Website.

If you have checked the AHCA Background Screening Results Website and are unable to find screening results of a LiveScan screening submitted more than 7 days ago, the Social Security Number may be missing.  To correct, please fax the Names, Dates of Birth and Social Security Numbers for each missing screening result to: (850) 487-0470.  Results will be corrected and posted to the AHCA Background Screening Results Website.

Please be sure that all future screening candidates provide their Social Security Numbers at the time their prints are scanned.

Background Screening Phone System

AHCA expects to implement an improved phone system in the Background Screening section this week which will assist with call volume and response.

Background Screening Resource document

AHCA has finalized the Background Screening Resource document, and tried to address the questions that have been submitted. They will be posting this on the Background Screening website this week, and expect to add to this document over time but will always update the footer date when changes are made.

Your association is working hard for your interests and to keep you updated on this critical issue.

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9 Responses to “AHCA Provides Clarification on Level 2 Background Screening”

  1. Amy Says:

    For the smaller agencies, these level II’s are still an issue. Currently, the closest vendors are 1 1/2 hours driving distance from our office and do not accept appointments. How are we going to be able to send our employees to complete these screenings? It wll mean an entire day off work! I certainly hope there will be closer sites coming and that appointments can be booked – or even better if there were mobile vendors who could come out to the office. So far, the one’s who are listed as mobile are not responding to my emails/calls.

    • hcafadmin Says:

      What part of the state are you located in? There are now reported to be more than 100 LiveScan sites. Please provide me with more information and I will try to assist you.

  2. Bob Valentino Says:

    We are located in Vero Beach, Indian River County. I know of only one LIve scan service, which will be avail. only two hours a week! Help
    Thank You

    • hcafadmin Says:

      I went to the AHCA website and L-1 has a site listed with hours of 9-5 Monday through Friday. Their facility is located at 2046 Treasure Coast Plaza. Cogent is not the only provider. You might want to periodically check the AHCA website as they are adding new vendor locations weekly.

  3. Cheryl Clancy Says:

    Are there currently any $19.95 sites approved? Many of our caregivers have been asking. Thank you.

    • hcafadmin Says:

      Not sure how a vendor can charge only $19.95 for a Level 2 background screening when the fee for FDLE and FBI processing that the vendor has to pay is more than $40.00. You might want to verify that you are getting a Level 2 screening.

  4. Cheryl Clancy Says:

    South Florida. Area surrounding area code 33433

  5. Niamke Etcene Says:

    Dear Sir:

    Can you please send me a complete the following ALF Forms.

    SCHEDULE 4 through last schedule

    project 7: Projected cash schedule


  6. Earnestine Griffin Says:

    My Earnestine Griffin get a level 2 background screening because canot get a job without that so please someone call me and tell me there i can go and do this.

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